Kanto - Outdoor Sauna.
Celebrating togetherness.
Wooden circular sauna
with a wood-fired stove.

Spatial Atmosphere

The interior of the steam room – the most sacred space of sauna – is held calm and sacral.

The spatial arrangement carries a symbolic connection back to the roots of mankind by placing the stove in the centre

of the room. People are sitting around the fire and enjoy the heat in a very archaic way. In that way they would con-

nect with both the fire and the people around, creating an intimate atmosphere, which might lead to sharing stories

and increased communication.


lighting in ceiling

The ceiling shape is created in that way to distribute the steam equally in the sauna space, ensuring that there are no too hot and no very cool places in the sauna.

lighting underneath the seat

There is very restrained indirect LED lighting inside, which is reflecting the colour of the wood and contributing to the atmosphere in an unobtrusive way.

feet and stairs

The sauna is elevated to fit the stove underneath and it is standing on feet, which lift the steam room visibly from the ground thus giving the building a light appearance. The stairs in front of the building create a threshold between outside and inside.

Outdoor pins

There is a humble round of pins added around the sauna in order to hang clothes or towels on them.