Kanto - Outdoor Sauna.
Celebrating togetherness.
Wooden circular sauna
with a wood-fired stove.


The materials used in the sauna are local Finnish and durable materials.

The high quality of materials and the high standard of detailing make Kanto truly special.

Siberian larch

Laminated spruce veneer lumber (Kerto)

Siberian larch – interior/exterior panelling

Siberian Larch is durable due to their amount of resin and good resistance to moisture.
It is commonly used in wall panelling in building facades.
In sauna application also in interior lining walls, ceiling and floors both in the stove room and the washing room.
Larch timber has a pleasant scent when wet and it has a light brown surface with a greenish brown heartwood. 

Laminated veneer lumber (Kerto) – structural parts, indoor furnishing

The laminated veneer lumber is made of spruce.
It has a faint resin scent and the colouring is light.
It has a good deformation stability compared to timber, which provides a good and stiff structure.

Wood finish

The outside surface is finished with Tikkurila Valtti Color, the interior with Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax.
Both surfaces treatments are protecting the surface of the wood while retaining its characteristics and the natural look and feel.